Hi, I'm Tommi.

What I do is speaking, mostly, and getting people annoyed, but they rarely get my craziness so I usually talk to myself.


Currently I'm studying Computer Engineering at Polytechnic of Turin, in Italy.


When not studying, I shoot photos and roll short movies. I just move by bike (when it rains hard by bus) and I go running when I feel too lazy to consider myself a human being. I also am a very very bad guitar player, but I'm very good at listening when others play. I love music.

I haven't a definite and certain purpose, just a great confusion and a strong need to go big. Right now, anything big I've done is just a huge mess. Here you can read my struggles and all of the questions that drive me crazy.

My Linkedin profile.

My photographic portfolio is on Flickr.

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Oh, I tweet a lot.

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